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After School Tennis and Ballet: A Fast and Graceful Start


Sekolah Stella Mundi has launched its first ever after school programs for Tennis and Ballet and Modern Dance, during the month of March, 2017. After many requests from parents for us to extend our service to include after hours or extracurricular activities, we worked hard to find the right people and specialist schools to run these programs.  

Tennis Academy

Our after school tennis program has been a smash hit with the children. The coaches running this are your true tennis professionals. Coach Komang and Coach Pursika together have over 40 years of experience in the sport and have both enjoyed playing and competing in the top national circuits in Indonesia, with Coach Komang once reaching a stunning no.9 in the whole of Indonesia. They have years of experience coaching tennis at prestigious hotels and clubs such as the Nikko Bali Resort Spa, The Mulia Resort and Villas and the Canggu Club Tennis Academy to name a few.

They have the right technique and attitude to teach your children and most importantly they love kids!

Right from the first lesson, Sekolah Stella Mundi children warmed to our coaches and the sport. They enjoyed the variety of ball games, drills and fun, play-based activities the coaches created each week. In fact, they loved it so much all of the children signed up for extra classes!


About the Tennis Program:

Little Red Starters (4-6 years old)

This Little Tennis and Athletic Program introduces the sport of tennis to the children in a fun, social way. Emphasis is placed not on mastery of techniques through boring and repetitive drills, but on action-packed, engaging lessons that use the child's natural love for running and playing to motivate them to learn the basics of footwork, hand-eye coordination, racquet control and skill acquisition.

Little Rallyers (6-9 years old)

This program is for promising young players who demonstrate skills necessary to become future tournament players. This program gives training in technique, footwork and important rallying skills. 

Ballet and Modern Dance

Offered to girls (and boys!) from the age of 3 years, this after school program has been an instant hit with our Playgroup, Kinder A, Kinder B children. The instructor Miss Moulyna has over 20 years experience teaching children from the ages of 4-17 and is the founding director of the Excellent Ballet and Dance School in Renon, Bali where the classes are held. Adapting her teaching from the Royal Academy of Dance, London, Miss Moulyna has helped encourage, train and motivate hundreds of students to reach their full potential in dance over the years. She has put on countless performances at schools, halls and larger venues such as Beachwalk and is a trained professional with a passion for ballet and modern dance.

Sekolah Stella Mundi girls were just so excited on their first day of ballet, putting on their matching pink leotards and shoes and learning basic positions of ballet such as the 'Plie'. They felt an instant bond with each other despite the age gap between the youngest and oldest girl being 3 years. Miss Moulyna was professional and welcoming to the girls, allowing them the opportunity to explore the dance of Ballet and move their bodies in sync with each other.


The children will do their Ballet and Modern Dance practice in Miss Moulyna's house until our Primary Building is completed.

If you would like your child to become a part of either of these terrific after school programs on offer, please come to the office to register your interest. Places are limited so get in quick!     

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