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A Visit From The Local PUSKESMAS

On the 31st August 2017 we had Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat (PUSKESMAS) visit to conduct medical check-ups for the students of Stella Mundi Early Learning Centre.  This was optional for Nursery students but most parents did not let this opportunity slip by. The students were checked for their height, weight, head circumference and were given a dose of vitamin A and 'obat cacing'. During the check-ups most of the children enjoyed the experience apart from one or two that worried a little about what the medical officers were up to. This type of reaction was something that was expected by the medical officers who were very professional on the day. However with our educators always close by to assist the children handle the check-ups, the fear and the tears stopped. The medical officers took a few hours to complete their task of checking more than 50 of our Early Learning Centre students and school operations resumed as normal afterwards. Thank you to our local PUSKESMAS and thank you teachers for your assistance as always. To our children, thank you for being brave and strong in handling the check-ups, we are so proud of you.



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