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Preparing your child for the challenges of tomorrow is what good education should provide.

Your child will eventually become a citizen - professionals, leaders, employers, employees, educators and caretakers of our world in the future.


We believe that it is our job as an educational institution to help children prepare for adulthood by equipping them with skill sets, beyond mastery of standards, they need to take on challenges and opportunities that we can't yet even imagine. Sekolah Stella Mundi enrichment programs are designed to do just that.

Intrinsic Motivation 

"Intrinsic motivation occurs when we act without any obvious external rewards. We simply enjoy an activity or see it as an opportunity to explore, learn, and actualise our potentials." (Coon & Mitterer, 2010)

Our child-focused philosophy and teaching pedagogy means that we work with your child on a daily basis to teach him/her that success is not instant. They need to be determined and continued to work hard in the face of adversity and without any immediate reward system.


Active Global Citizens

Each week the children will start thinking about issues that the modern world is facing and how they can contribute to make a difference, small or large, in their community.

Future Leaders of Character

Weaved into our main curriculum are project-based character traits: attentiveness, availability, compassion, conservation, courage, determination, diligence, enthusiasm, flexibility, forgiveness, generosity, gratefulness, honesty, loyalty, obedience, orderliness, patience, respect, responsibility, self-control, tolerance and wisdom.

Addressing and Preventing Bullying

This is a research-based curriculum that engages children to identify, prevent and respond to anti-social behaviour in and out of the school environment from a young age.

Fine Arts, Dance and Music

Our program teaches children to appreciate art in all shapes and forms. They will be exposed to master artists, painters, illustrators, architecture, dancers and other artists from around the world. Children then learn to recreate some of their work and will also learn that art requires passion and patience. 

We also offer after-school programs that will complement nicely with your child's education at Sekolah Stella Mundi. Learn more.