Our partners and affiliations

We have engaged not only Local and international cornmunity in the way we develop our education and programs at Sekolah Stella Mundi, but also require families to be directly involved their children learning.
First, we have worked With a number of educational organisations to create and enhance our curriculum and programs from educational research bodies. advocates for play and extracurricular affiliations.

Secondly, when you enroll in our school, you will be asked to fill out a parent participation form in which we ask for your commitment spend a day at our school to learn more about the school environment and the way your child receives their education.

A child has the best chance in life if the entire community of educators and parents take an active role in the rearing and education of that child.

Sabrina Tumewu, LLB, B.A.
Chairman of Yayasan Stella Mundi Indonesia

We would like to invite you to learn more about us, and choose the right foundation for your child's future.