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Sekolah Stella Mundi Primary is a school in Bali where childhood is celebrated, communities valued and where children excel because they are allowed to lead their own learning journey. Literacy, numeracy, science, music and art are not only subject areas to be learnt and practiced, but are taught in developmentally appropriate ways, with a creative approach that promotes critical thinking skills. Our education programs are enriched with real-life skills like character development, manners, an understanding of global issues, conflict resolution, cleaning, gardening and cooking that will best prepare children for the future.

We are a constantly growing, flexible learning environment, using best practices from around the world, and allowing children to belong, contribute and help progress their families and communities.

Welcome to Sekolah Stella Mundi Primary

Our core curriculum standards

We equip our students to become global citizens, able to take their education wherever they go.

Sekolah Stella Mundi Primary provides the basis for more formal education to take place. We combine Kurikulum Nasional along with Cambridge Curriculum subjects English, Mathematics and Science to form the core standards of our school's educational program. Our students will graduate from primary school in Primary 6 not only having completed a solid foundation in K13 but also having been exposed to an internationally recognised curriculum with standardised testing.

They will be excellently placed to continue their learning at any local or international school in Indonesia or overseas. We have a bilingual program, where the language of instruction is in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. Your child will have a sound working knowledge and ability in both languages.

Teaching pedagogy that works

We put your child at the centre of their own learning.

Play-based Programs for Grades 1-2
Your child will engage in a diversity of play-based learning experiences across a range of transparent and transformative learning spaces. Through investigative play, we work with each and every child to help them practice the theory learnt in our core standards in a fun, stress-free environment. We place great importance on developing communication and social skills, problem solving and critical thinking skills, and on developing intrinsic motivation, rather than rewards-based systems, as this will be key to them experiencing success in the foundation years of formal education and throughout their lives.

Project-based Programs for Grades 3-6
Your child will learn to apply the skills, knowledge and experiences they have acquired through the previous years, in group or individual Research Projects. Sekolah Stella Mundi Research Projects are cross-curricular, and require high levels of collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Educators place importance on the process not the product and will encourage your child to build resilience and challenge themselves and their peers. With each project a range of learning areas are identified and targeted including literacy, numeracy, social and emotional development, scientific enquiry and physical skill acquisition.

Our multilingual curricula are enriched with crucial life skills that will aprepare your child for the challenges of tomorrow. Learn more about the curriculum and enrichment programs on offer.

Beautiful environment with purpose

Our primary building is aesthetically beautiful and purpose built for optimal learning

Our students spend a lot of their time at school, so we have worked really hard to create a welcoming and cosy environment that feels like a second home. Our classroms are spacious and naturally-lit. They are also designed to allow students to collaborate, discuss and exchange ideas with their peers and educators. This means that learning will not be one way, via teacher-directed tasks and instruction, but also with each student being the leader and facilitator of their own learning.

We have green spaces for your child to spend their day outside and learn from nature, including a working garden. Our secure access, double gated entrance means that you can leave your child each day knowing that they are safe.

Your child will be excited to learn!

Small school, smart choice.

Small student : teacher ratios mean each child gets more out of their education.

With a maximum of 17 students in each grade level, our educators are able to focus on each student and develop meaningful relationships with them. Should any individual face a stumbling block in their academic learning, intervention by educators will be quick and personalised because they have more time to spend on each child.

Less children under supervision means our educators will be able to give a more in-depth assessment of each child, one that is not only results-based.

Each child will be encouraged to explore, experiment and discover their potential at Sekolah Stella Mundi.

Your child will be encouraged to explore, experiment and discover their potential at Sekolah Stella Mundi.

For more information about Sekolah Stella Mundi Primary and its programs, or to arrange a school tour, please leave your information below and our admissions office will get in touch with you as soon as possible.