Indonesia’s 72nd Independence Day Celebrations

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Indonesia’s 72nd Independence Day Celebrations

Sekolah Stella Mundi children participated in the celebrations of Indonesia's 72nd Independence Day.

In our Early Learning Centre, the children started their day with the Flag Raising Ceremony. From our flag bearers to our ceremony participants, all children observed the ceremony with respect and quiet reverence.

Pak Andy, Ananda's father, joined the children after the ceremony for a Parents' Day In presentation on what it means to celebrate Indonesia's independence. Pak Andy started by sharing stories of his childhood and shared the journey to Independence. He talked about Bung Karno as one of the national heroes leading Indonesia to its independence. He mentioned about war with weapons of sharpened bamboo (bambu runcing) in the 1940s. He introduced the meaning of the red and white Indonesian flag. Finally, he mentioned that we needed to appreciate our independence by studying hard and educate our minds.

After the short presentation, the children are involved in making Indonesian flags to be hung and decorated in the school.

In our Primary,

The children learnt to observe and appreciate the tough journey to independence. They learnt to be patient, strong, and concentrate during the ceremony. They also learnt that all the hard work practicing pays off on the big day with a bit of effort.

Ibu Melna, Emily's mother, was our Parents Day In guest. She shared her stories from her family, her work and also told the children about what Independence Day for her means. Thank you Ibu Melna for making it such a special day. The children absolutely loved your stories and you sharing your experiences with them!

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